My brother gifted me his old camera when I was 12 and the sparks ignited for a life long passion for photography. I was born in the picturesque village of Maienfeld, Switzerland, the birthplace of the famous fairy-tale story Heidi.  I love photography because it blends the technical and the artistic to capture a vision, a memory etched digitally forever. 

My technical skills in photography were honed in the laboratory as a research scientist studying Chemical Engineering at CIBA-GEIGY. At 18, I bought my first camera. As a CEO of a Swiss and Germany Company, I travelled to over 48 countries; to unwind, I would escape with a camera to immerse in the culture and capture the spirit of the people. 

After graduating as a Chemical Engineer, I went on a world trip; In Ayers Rock, Australia, a National Geographic photographer took me on a photo shoot and taught me how to calculate the right time (position of the sun) to capture the perfect picture of the desert cactus.  In Rome at 23, I won a prestigious award at the Biennale  of Rome Exhibition with a photo exhibit of travels around the world.   

For over 25 years, I observed that my daily meditation practice has enabled me to be better in tune with my subject.  
I have studied  with photography masters like Scott Kelby, Lindsay Adler, Joe McNally , Mark Wallace, Robert Scott Lim, Serge Ramelli and National Geographic photographer, Frans Lanting, gaining expertise in Portrait,  Architectural and Landscape photography. 

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